Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching serves the C-Suite and High Potential executives as well as Business Owners, focusing on leadership competencies’ development.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching focuses on individual strengths and liabilities and empowers executives to develop strategic thinking skills, broaden emotional intelligence, expand coalitions and networking and live the corporate values into action.

Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching serves Sales Directors, Sales Management Teams and Business Owners. It enhances their performance levels, personal skills and client relationship capabilities.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is offered individually and focuses on the realms related to Career: starting a new career, find the most suitable job and career transition and Job: clarify job issues, promotions, job search strategies and life/work balance

Welcome to inwards!

Personal Consultancy to those who Lead and Govern


We are a center for personal, professional growth and learning; a holistically new approach that combines the human sciences background with the vast business experience and brings the human values together with the highest professional standards.

Our purpose is to: contribute in the social and financial progression. We invite individuals and organizations to increase awareness about self and systems within which they act and grow, reaching their life and business targets on the strength of the new learning.

Our vision is to:

  • be considered by our clients as invaluable contributors in their business and life success,
  • support individuals and organizations to get in touch with the most contemporary developmental influences, as well as to build relationships with other forward thinking and growing people.

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  • Advanced Coaching

    Advanced Coaching is a complete coaching platform, for learning and growth, designed by inwards for individuals, teams and organizations. The program involves the following four forms, upon client’s current or future needs.
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  • Internal Coaches Training

    For the organizations who are interested either in establishing a new role of internal coach/es or in enriching the role of senior managers, inwards recommends the Internal Coaches Training.
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  • Communication & Image

    In Communication & Image program we work one to one or in groups with the persons who communicate or present on behalf of the organization, serve customers, deal with suppliers, represent the company abroad, face the media e.t.c.
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  • Business Coaching

    Business Coaching refers solely to medium Greek companies, therefore its description is not available in English.
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    Yiannis is a powerful contributor in the field of Executive Coaching as well as a great trusted advisor to CEOs and Business Owners in creation of their personal and corporate value.
    He has been awarded for outstanding performance in managing and coaching people and he has also worked for major transformation projects...

    -Michael Pagidas
    Advisor to Executive Management, SARACAKIS GROUP OF COMPANIES

    Yiannis Koutsoumaris is a highly valued international coach, mentor and thought leader.
    His expertise in managing change in organizational and human development contributes greatly to the success of his clients and adds much good to the world.

    -Dr. David Mefford PhD
    Chairman – AXCES Solutions


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