We are thrilled to introduce the dialogue that will change the dialogue of a leader’s reality: It is Yours!

Logo_RgbThe concept of leadership and the practices that allow individuals to become successful leaders are part of the international agenda, since leaders worldwide and their paradigm, impact severely the lives of many individuals.

The game of leadership is based on a constant interaction between the inner and outer world which attempts to shape leadership skills, behaviors and actions. However, the rules of this game are not universally agreed and accepted. As an example consider the mere definition of leadership and the various nuances of the concept.

Thus, if ambiguity is instilled in the definition and understanding of leadership, how come and we are affirmative of practices and techniques, of successful habits and bad behaviors of a good leader? And if indeed, we are capable of identifying and outlining these practices and behaviors, shouldn’t we consider that they rarely work in linear relationship with objectives and outcomes? Considering all that, a context of turbulence and crisis may distort the reality we would like to think of, in assessing and predicting leadership behavior. That may further explain why plans do not work, and why the desired reality is so distant from the actual.

Our experience, based on thousands of hours of interaction with leaders, have led us to acknowledge that there is a need to clarify misconceptions, and discuss what is not spoken as a truth in leadership.

In these leadership series we will analyze various leadership phases and paradoxes, we will elevate potential and discuss the challenges and the opportunities that come along with it, and we will explore the conflict of the inner and the outer world. We will differentiate between the measurable, quantifiable and tangible aspects of leadership and the non-measurable, qualitative and the intangible aspects, so that we can answer to challenges of leadership dynamics using the right strategies.

Our interdisciplinary approach based on the Science of Value, Neuroscience, Psychology and the Art of Influence, will allow us to acquire a multivariate perspective. Participants are expected to synthesize their personal leadership canvas, with an emphasis on the preferred leadership style and the set of leadership qualities towards the path to leadership development.