“To achieve success a sales person needs Advanced Skills and Inner Resources. Knowing how to sell is not enough. Success comes from within”

Sales Coaching serves Sales Directors, Sales Management Teams and Business Owners. It enhances their performance levels, personal skills and client relationship capabilities. As a result, Sales Coaching contributes in building trust with customers, improving the organizational customer service and rising people morale.

Most of the novices in coaching culture organizations start with Sales Coaching. The obvious reason is that Sales Coaching is considered to affect immediately the bottom line result as well as to upgrade the company’s image in customers’ eyes, both in a measurable and tangible manner.

This aspect is well established. It is quite true that Sales Coaching offers great results as it touches areas of the “self” that no other personal development method can reach.

Sales is a very demanding job to succeed in. You have to win several -external and internal- battles and avoid stress and emotional imbalance. To succeed in the realm of sales, the usual recipes that work in other jobs, are not sufficient.

In sales, success comes from the energy of your inner self, provided that you are able to recognize and transform it to a positive outcome. This is what Sales Coaching does.

The program’s length is from three up to twelve months, depending on the individual needs. Moreover, considering the urgent character of the topics that head of sales and business owners deal with, we remain at their disposal any time via skype, e-mail or phone calls.

There are many other aspects of the business, similar to sales situations, events or moments that often block executives’ potential along his or her way to success. Management committee meetings, internal presentations, inter-departmental negotiations, high potential people exposure e.t.c, are often called as “internal sales” where good selling means good career.

In Advanced Coaching platform, this kind of “internal sales” needs, is anticipated through the complete program of Executive Coaching, involving, when necessary, the relevant skills part of Sales Coaching.