«Yiannis is a powerful contributor in the field of Executive Coaching as well as a great trusted advisor to CEOs and Business Owners in creation of their personal and corporate value.

He has been awarded for outstanding performance in managing and coaching people and he has also worked for major transformation projects.

In coaching process Yiannis is a smooth supportive and demanding facilitator who inspires leaders and teams in creating a context of people engagement for sustainable results.

I trust that CEOs and Business Owners can rely on Yiannis for any challenging Leadership Coaching, Personal Impact and Business Coaching need.»

-Michael Pagidas
Advisor to Executive Management, SARACAKIS GROUP OF COMPANIES

«I believe that every leader needs to constantly discover new ways, to invent new meanings and to accept new realities. I strongly believe that every leader desperately needs to do this in order to defy past success so that to move forward, to make new things happen and to keep magic going! But there comes a time when in order to do that he or she needs to fully reinvent his or herself. This is however easier said than done, for only a few enlightened ones can possibly undertake such a task alone effectively. Most of us need a good mirror. Most of us need somebody to help us shed light to dark places and to see ourselves and others from a different angle.

My mirror was Yiannis Koutsoumaris.

Yiannis has always been instrumental in the development of my career during a good number of years. His coaching has been lying in the center of my transformation to becoming a mature and senior leader. And as I am now accelerating on my way towards the most productive, I think, phase of my career, it is quite assuring to know that Yiannis is going to be there in order to offer me new options as I am navigating truly uncharted waters.»

-George Karadimas
Managing Director – KONE S.A

«Yiannis Koutsoumaris is a highly valued international coach, mentor and thought leader.

His expertise in managing change in organizational and human development contributes greatly to the success of his clients and adds much good to the world

-Dr. David Mefford PhD
Chairman – AXCES Solutions

«When going to a C-Level coach one never knows what to expect. Feeling sure about oneself and wondering about the result is the general state of mind.
Nonetheless, Yiannis was able to understand what I was telling him and most important he was able to read between the lines. He was able to build trust and entwine in a business as well as in a more personal level. He identified the key actors and was always able to see all sides of the story and suggest the best course of action that will not hinder my personal well being and on the same time being beneficial for the company.

He knew when I was ready for the change and when he should come out strong or just keep quite in order for me to find the way. Besides using textbook and custom made techniques he was able to identify avenues for potential growth and effective alternatives in dealing with situations that were alien to what I was accustomed.

I admire his way of becoming very involved with people and the way he spends an enormous amount of time to prepare for the session in order to be as close to the situation as possible, never loosing attention and always keeping focused. He is naturally posiitve, highly energetic and engaging. I was particularly impressed with his pursuit of excellence. The experience has altered my approach to business and life in general and I would wholeheartedly recommend Yiannis to anyone heaving business and / or personal issues.»

-Apostolos Tzimourtas
Vice President & General Manager, ORPHEE BEINOGLOU SA

«Yiannis Koutsoumaris is a high caliber person with a vast professional background, combining hard and long commercial experience with deep knowledge of the areas related to coaching, mentoring and people growth.

As an executive and leader, Yiannis, has significantly contributed in corporate transformation. He is well known in the Greek market as an invaluable leader who have ever succeeded in managing together values and results as well as an individual who has really “lived the change” in his own professional life.

As a coach, Yiannis demonstrates a natural and neutral style. He builds rapport, trust and mutual respect with others and he has the ability to bring out the best in people, inspiring them to feel their own greatness.
Yiannis is an emotionally intelligent, open-minded, structured and honest person who promises less than he delivers.
I highly recommend him for any coaching, mentoring and personal impact assignment.»

-Dimitris Raptis
VP Marketing, Unilever Hellas

«I had the pleasure of working with Yiannis Koutsoumaris CMC on his Master Coach certification.

Yiannis is an intelligent and astute individual who has a natural talent for coaching. As an eager learner Yiannis was able to grasp the art and science of effective coaching.

I would recommend him highly for any coaching assignment

-Dr. Shayne Tracy CMC OCC
Senior Facilitator-North America, Behavioral Coaching Institute