“Each time we mistake in communication, it takes twenty consequent times of success, to arrive at…zero level!”

In Communication & Image program we work one to one or in groups, with the persons who communicate or present on behalf of the organization, serve customers, deal with suppliers, represent the company abroad, face the media e.t.c.

The process aims to help the executive upgrading his or her Personal Brand by developing communication and image effectiveness. For this purpose a variety of methods are engaged, including:

  • education and training in professional presence and behavior (looks and manners)
  • development of listening skills,
  • presentation skills from the behavioral perspective,
  • leading and participating in dialogues,
  • verbal and non-verbal communication,
  • creation of first impression.

The program lasts three months.

For the following six months, the coach keeps in touch with the coachee and physically attends some special coachee’s moments when communication and image matter (presentations, speeches, interviews).

Communication means more than the word itself can say.

Communication follows written or habitual rules. There are general rules same for every type of communication and specific ones, depending on different type of events.

Communication form is also distinguished in verbal and non-verbal, formal and informal, prepared and ad-hoc, unified and confidential, internal and external e.t.c. Whatever the type is, the only certain thing about communication is that it is a critical success factor. It is a – usually unfair – mechanism able to favor or discredit us.

The program goes beyond the skills learning and the efficient use of communication mechanism. It aims to assist individuals in finding a valuable ally in their path to growth. This ally is called Image.

Our image is what others perceive when they instantly see us, when they observe, meet and listen to us. And usually even earlier: when they are informed about us! Hence, sometimes our image arrives first.

Image is not who we really are. It is the summary of what we present to others via our behavior and our looks. And we are sorry to say that, but in most cases, what others see is not what we would like them to see.

Communication & Image together shape the way we present our selves to the world.

During the Communication & Image Coaching program, executives have the chance to:

  1. analyze the current level of executive’s communication – deliberate the components of executive’s image
  2. distinguish the development areas between skills and behavior
  3. select the areas for development based on the importance and weight in executive’s job
  4. set the strategy and the plan
  5. rehearse the new way of communication and “wear in comfort” the new image

At the end of the program, the executive has acquired the competence to apply new behaviors and techniques in the workplace, as well as in the marketplace.