“Catch a man a fish. Feed him for a day.

Teach him how to fish. And feed him for a life”

Unknown Source

For the organizations who are interested either in establishing a new role of internal coach/es or in enriching the role of senior managers, inwards recommends the Internal Coaches Training.

The program’s purpose is to provide nominees with the requested education and skills for the better staff connection, motivation and retention.

Participants take the chance of receiving concentrated knowledge via a simple, well understood and practical methodology, based on real cases. They change their ordinary way of realizing and responding to experiences and events, while by the end of the program they start communicating and interacting in the new way. Ultimately, they set the base of a new business and management culture, enriched by the most contemporary and optimum practices at workplace.

The Internal Coaches program :

a. Accelerates the path to results

b. Creates synergies with the existing developmental mechanisms, reenergizes them if they have been temporarily deactivated and leads to the optimum level of organizational efficacy

c. Introduces new hires to a best practice model and teaches them a new language: the coaching language

d. Offers employees the sense of a well organized, prestigious and secure place to work and feel engaged

e. Provides management and employees with a vital, corporate culture and aligns in-use values with the stated ones

Βy introducing a coaching culture, the organization shapes its environment, pushes for the optimum level of operation and eliminates derailing behavioral factors. Positive behaviors are selected as a live part of the workplace : they become explicitly requested from individuals at any position level, are noticed by clients and attract the best executives from the marketplace, increasing employee retention.

An executive initiated in Internal Coaching Training, knows how to raise questions instead of arguing or simply making statements; how to manage and develop people across generations; how to deal with diversity of opinions and personalities; how to inspire a common vision and ultimately how to bring out the best from people, creating results out of people’s initiative, creativity and ownership.

Internal Coaches Training consists of the following five stages:

  1. Needs and Targets investigation
  2. Physical observation at the workplace
  3. Format review with the sponsor
  4. Two-days training enriched with theory and role-plays
  5. Follow up – next month

The program adapts to the audience’s needs and background. As soon as the initial face of the investigation and mandate is complete, inwards anticipates the relevant part of knowledge, focusing on what really matters to the participants (e.g targeting a sales management team the emphasis is placed upon the relevant sales skills and the examples derive from sales routine).