“You cannot teach a man anything.

You can only help him discover it within himself”Galileo

Advanced Coaching is a complete coaching platform, for learning and growth, designed by inwards for individuals, teams and organizations. The program consists of the following four forms, upon client’s current or future needs:

  1. Leadership Coaching (Coaching Ηγεσίας)
  2. Executive Coaching (Coaching Στελεχών)
  3. Sales Coaching (Coaching Πωλήσεων) και
  4. Career Coaching (Coaching Καριέρας)

These four coaching areas are in absolute alignment and synergy with each other, different though, in:

  1. diagnostic instruments,
  2. targeted skills
  3. length

All Advanced Coaching services are offered individually* (One-to-One) to top executives, high potentials, business owners and successful professionals to further widen their way to success. This is materialized by increasing their self-awareness, building and changing their interpersonal relationships at workplace, developing job relevant skills, increasing resilience e.t.c

The model we follow includes 7 steps:

  1. Investigation & Understanding,
  2. Data Collection and Diagnostics,
  3. Planning,
  4. Change,
  5. Measurement,
  6. Evaluation,
  7. Maintenance

The length, like the rest of the program elements, can vary per individual as everyone has his own needs and rhythm. However, the most ordinary period is from three to twelve months.

*Sales Coaching is offered also to sales management teams