Who is Axces SOLUTIONS

Axces Solutions is a world leader in innovative applications of applied formal axiological science

The company was originally founded in 1979 as Axiometrics, Inc. but its history really began many years earlier, when Chairman Dr. David Mefford was a philosophy undergraduate at the University of Tennessee. He was fascinated by the new science of value, Axiology, which was developed by his major professor and mentor, Dr. Robert S. Hartman.

Hartman argued that this new science enabled the precise measurement of human values and value decision-making in the valuation or evaluation process. In 1960, long before his death in 1973, he developed the first instrument to do just that – the Hartman Value Profile (HVP).

After completing their degrees, Dr. Dave and his partner Vera incorporated Hartman’s theories into a series of innovative tools, including numerous interest-specific assessments to help individuals, businesses and sports teams around the world evaluate potential and current personnel and players.

In 1967, Axiology became a mathematical science, anchored in formal set theory, by Dr. Robert S. Hartman in the publication of The Structure of Value: Foundations of a Scientific Axiology.

From Dr. Hartman’s original work, Axces Solutions has constructed many advanced axiological assessments to translate result scores into capacities related to multiple environments involving many aspects of life, business, sports, market communications and product/consumer analyses (among others).