Coaching Services

inwards specializes in the following forms of Coaching on the strength of principles and proven methodology:

1. Advanced Coaching – Refers to C-Suite Executives, High Potentials, Business Owners and successful professionals.

This is a complete platform of an advanced and effective coaching model, consisting of the following four forms, upon client’s current or future needs:

  • Executive Coaching (Coaching Στελεχών)
  • Leadership Coaching (Coaching Ηγεσίας)
  • Sales Coaching (Coaching Πωλήσεων) και
  • Career Coaching (Coaching Καριέρας)

2. Communication & Image – Be impactful and serve your goals: refers to Top Executives, Business Owners, Sales Managers, Purchases Managers, P.R experts and Representatives

3. Internal Coaches Training – Refers to Potential Internal Coaches, Department Heads and HR

4. Business Coaching –  Personal and/or Organizational support for Business Owners: refers to medium Greek organizations, up to 120 persons