If a pencil is dropped on the floor, gravity is the frame of reference that explains it. When a person evaluates or values any given situation or object, axiology is the frame of reference that explains the decision.

The axiological assessments can and do measure soft skills competencies associated with emotional intelligence, as well as:

  • standard work-related competencies for specific jobs,
  • management skills,
  • job identification,
  • problem solving, and
  • compliance with rules and authority, among others.

They also include social competencies, like empathy & sensitivity to others, understanding others, developing others, service orientation, listening capacity, communication, conflict management, collaboration, cooperation, team capabilities, attention to detail, etc.

Personal competencies include: self-management, emotional stability, self-worth awareness, self-assessment, self-confidence, role engagement, self-regulation, self-control, self-discipline, personal accountability, adaptability, motivation, drive, commitment, initiative and optimism (among others).

Our assessments are not considered “tests” because there are no right or wrong answers.

However, a person’s judgment responses do reveal his or her strengths, development area needs, as well as if he or she is a match to specific jobs. Our assessments have proven to be astonishingly effective in evaluating individual, professional and personal value areas, such as drive, ambition, loyalty, capacity for work and people skills.