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Snapshot from a 2h Leadership Dialogue in the frame of C-Suite Education and Leadership Team Coaching Solutions. By Yiannis Koutsoumaris, Master Leadership Coach

Visionary leaders inspire others to move towards the invisible – not the impossible!

The invisible lives in the backside of the visible and that’s why we can be sure that it is always there. Existing and approachable.

In the other hand, we can know very few things about the impossible.

Focusing on the invisible, instead of pursuing the impossible, is more realistic, equally positive and less frightening for you and your followers. It doesn’t require special charisma or super-heroism.

If so, creating a compelling vision and engage people around it is absolutely doable for every corporate, political or military leader.

And… it is unique! Because only YOU -as a leader- can see this specific part out of the unlimited “inVISIble” and only YOU will select these specific pieces to cοmpose your own VISIon.

If you lead, try this mental shift. Drive people towards the invisible, not the impossible.

You know well: the difference is made by achievements, not by heroic statements.

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